Borrow money for refueling

The electric car is on the rise, but for those who cannot or do not want to pay for it, gas or diesel has to be added to the car. Refueling is not a cheap affair, with an average car 50 euros must be refueled quickly. In addition, when you go on holiday by car you want to borrow money to refuel.

A trip to a holiday country such as Spain, France or Italy takes up a large part of the budget, while gasoline abroad can be even more expensive than in the Netherlands. But also just for your routine refueling, things will soon get into the papers and I can imagine that you will need some money for that, without immediately borrowing a huge amount.

Borrow money to refuel

Borrow money to refuel

Of course, it may also be that there are multiple costs incurred for the car, such as maintenance or perhaps the mandatory MOT inspection. By borrowing a small amount of around 500 euros you can beat all the flies in one fell swoop.

With some financial help you can then have your car redecorated and also drive away with a full tank of gas. Of course a full tank does not last for weeks, but with this amount you can probably fill your tank several times and drive around for months without problems without having to look into your wallet every time if that is possible.

Problems with refueling and your debit card


If you search on Google with problems with cars and borrow money to refuel, you will see that many people experience problems with that. Not only by car, but especially when you have to pay with a debit card and this unexpectedly does not work. There you are at the pump with your full tank and no money to pay for this, apart from the fact that this is very annoying and embarrassing it will also cause delays on your trip, especially if you are in another country.

How can I borrow something?

ce it is a relatively small amount, it is best to look for a mini loan or an advance on your salary. Borrow an amount from 50 euros to a maximum of 800 euros without too much fuss and without difficult contracts. You have to determine the amount yourself, so if you only need money to refuel, an amount of 200 euros or 300 euros should be sufficient.

Do you have other problems with your car that also need to be solved right away, then you can think of a larger amount of around 500 euros.

I am eligible


Whether you qualify for a mini loan, I will explain what conditions you must meet to be able to apply successfully. You must be at least 18 years old, have a regular income of at least 900 euros a month net. You must also live in the Netherlands and have a Dutch mobile number. No bkr review is performed, so you can borrow money without a bkr without any problems.

How do I send the documents?

Fortunately, a lot of thought has been given to this and you can take a photo of all requested papers with your mobile phone, make sure they are sharp and contain the entire document. If you also make a selfie of your proof of identification, your application will be viewed faster, which means that you will have the requested amount in your account faster.

If you return the requested papers immediately, you can count on having your small loan in your account within one working day.


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