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The Bank of Switzerland at its September meeting did not decide to change the parameters of its monetary policy, which was in line with broad market expectations. Therefore, SNB will continue to strive for the 3-month Libor CHF rate to be close to zero. The bank also confirmed that it will act with the greatest determination against the fall of the EUR / CHF rate below 1.20 and that it is prepared to buy foreign currency for francs in unlimited amounts. This information is favorable from the point of view of approx. 730 thousand.

Polish borrowers paying back installments of franc loans

Polish borrowers paying back installments of franc loans

First of all, the zero interest rate on the Swiss currency means that currently the only cost for them is the bank’s margin. Secondly, SNB intervention measures on the EUR / CHF pair effectively reduce the pressure on a larger increase in the franc against the zloty.

The Central Bank of Switzerland has upheld all its actions taken in recent weeks (between August 3 and September 6), bearing in mind both the visible slowdown of the Swiss economy and the prospect of deflation next year. This, of course, is primarily the result of a huge re-evaluation of the franc.


money cash

Switzerland’s GDP is also negatively affected by the global economic slowdown and the related lower demand from abroad for Helvet products and services. SNB has announced that if the need arises, it will take further necessary actions.

The SNB decided today to lower the forecast of Switzerland’s GDP growth in 2011 to 1.5% -2.0% from around 2% forecasted by it in June, emphasizing that it will only be due to the good first half of this year because in the second it expects the economy to stop. In turn, in the case of inflation, he expects that this year it will be only 0.4%, next year there will be 0.3% deflation, and in 2013 the price increase will be 0.5

Payday loans online bad credit -Get a bad credit payday loan online with us Mon, 23 Sep 2019 13:52:48 +0000 Continue reading "Payday loans online bad credit -Get a bad credit payday loan online with us" ]]> Fam-Lyoan is a company specializing in family credit, offering payday loans for over ten years throughout the Italian territory up to 50000 euros. The flexibility of our loans provides an amortization plan of up to 120 months, so you can easily repay your monthly installments, without having too much commitment. To request now a consultation and / or a free quote and without obligation of our best payday loans, just fill out the form below with some personal data: Click here and fill out the contact form now, entrust our experts!

Get a bad credit payday loan online with us

With bad credit payday loans online we talk about loans to private individuals, given by banks and/or financial institutions and the amount must be returned by a fixed date- you could try these out. Fast payday loans are financing without destination obligation, which means that the liquidity that is obtained by the applicant can be used in any way, without particular specifications, unlike the finalized loans. For payday loans it is usually a question of returning the sum of money received with a monthly payment, which is taken directly from the current account and a constant interest rate for the entire duration of the loan. It is therefore a ” consumer credit ” when it comes to amounts up to 75000 euros. When we talk about payday loans, we don’t need special guarantees like real estate. With personal financing, you need to pay attention to TANs and APR, always to be checked.

Payday loans: Who can apply for them?

Payday loans: Who can apply for them?

For payday loans, each credit institution adopts specific evaluation criteria that can be given by general directives and rules that are set by the Bank in Italy. There are payday loans for private employees, payday loans for state employees, payday loans for pensioners which start at a minimum age of 18 and up to a maximum age of 75 at the end of the loan. payday loans can be requested by those who have the ability to repay the credit, or employees who will have to provide the related pay slips to prove their income, to self-employed persons who will have to provide income tax returns and to pensioners with their pension slips. Instant payday loans are normally granted to those who have a clean credit history, therefore without any reports or protests. In order to obtain personal financing, it is necessary to have a good credit reputation and a reliable ability to repay.

Payday loans: Why are they rejected?

Payday loans are usually rejected if you are a bad payer, then reported in CRIF, Experian and CTC and / or protested. They can be rejected because the banks consider the repayment capacity insufficient, also considering that the banks have the possibility to consult the central risk office of the Bank in Italy. Therefore some reasons for which payday loans are rejected are for example the delay of some installments or previous unsold loans, having requested a credit for too little time or on the contrary having never turned to a debt, having too many commitments in progress that exceed 1/3 of the applicant’s income or having signed a guarantor to a loan in which the applicant pays badly the installments. When a refusal occurs, there must also be a motivation, which can also refer to the negative information received from the different databases.

Payday loans: What to do if a bad payer?

Fam-Lyoan has solutions and forms of bad payday loans and even payday loans to protested. They are loans, however, reserved only for permanent employees of a public, state or private company (srl, spa, cooperative) or pensioners with a minimum income of 600 euros. We offer this form of payday loans up to a maximum of 30000 euros and with the possibility of repaying the credit in 120 months, or 10 years, with monthly installments chosen by you. Timeliness, transparency and flexibility are the cornerstones of the payday loans proposed by Fam-Lyoan. Requesting payday loans through our website allows you to get a free, detailed and non-binding quote from your PC or smartpone through this link: Click here and fill out the contact form now, entrust our experts! To protect the customer, the request will not be forwarded to the credit data banks. In this way, if we do not meet your expectations, you will be free to contact another credit institution.

Unpaid payday loans, what happens?

Unpaid payday loans What happens?

When payday loans are not paid, initially you start by applying a default on interest, this means that the interest will increase and the debt to be paid will be greater. Will start then subsequently reporting in different databases CRIF, Experian and CTC which you can see by all the banks, then this means having very few opportunities if not null to get another credit. If you continue not to pay payday loans, a forced debt recovery will be initiated, obviously under the responsibility of legal figures who will initiate an attachment on the payroll or pension and if you do not have a demonstrable income, the assets will be seized or tangible assets such as furniture and buildings. All these foreclosure actions can obviously also be applied to any guarantor, who signs the contract with full and equal responsibility of the applicant. Reports within the databases are 12 months for those who delay one or two installments, 24 months for those who delay more than two and 36 months for those who do not pay the loans, obviously the duration starts from the dates of the installments or loans repaid.

Payday loans: Do you need a guarantor and what documents do you need?

For payday loans the figure of the guarantor may be required if the applicant already has several monthly commitments and the income received is not considered sufficient as a single guarantee, but it is not necessary. A guarantor may be required even if this figure has often appeared in the previous loans, obviously the guarantor must have a demonstrable income. The documents to be presented at the time of the request are: pay slips and cud if employees, tax returns if self-employed, payslips and cud if retired, always accompanied by identity documents and equal documentation for the figure of the guarantor. Obviously the higher the required liquidity, the easier it will be for you to be asked for a second signature. It should be noted that the guarantor signing, has full responsibility equal to that of the applicant.

Payday loans: Is it possible to pay off the loan early?

You can pay off payday loans upfront compared to the contract term, either partially or totally. In this case you will have to reimburse the creditor the outstanding outstanding capital and the interest accrued at the time of settlement. However, if you decide to pay off the loans early, you will have a compensation penalty which corresponds to 1% of the amount repaid early if it is longer than one year, but if it is equal to or less than one year it will be a 0.5% compensation. However, the compensation cannot exceed the amount of the interest.

Payday loans: Some tips

Payday loans: Some tips

  1. Always compare the lowest rate payday loans by looking for the different banks and financial institutions, thus having more vision and choosing the best payday loans rate.
  2. It is advisable to activate a “ credit protection insurance ” insurance policy that can protect the applicant of the loan and the whole family in case of negative events such as: total permanent disability, death, total temporary disability, hospitalization, serious illness and / or loss of work.
  3. When possible, perhaps for large amounts and if you already have monthly commitments, look for a guarantor who has a demonstrable income and is willing to sign to help you.
  4. Before proceeding with the financing request, always ask for a quote that must be free and without obligation, to allow you to check the interest rates and the net you would receive if you accepted.

To compare our offers and find out about our types of financing, such as home renovation payday loans and many others, fill out this form now: Click here and fill out the contact form now, entrust our experts!

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Nine ways to save now! Sun, 04 Aug 2019 00:35:52 +0000 Continue reading "Nine ways to save now!" ]]> Saving requires discipline that probably requires you to give up something. Yes, maybe cutting out at restaurants or bars and limiting shopping will help you save money, but there are other ways to do it.

In fact, you will sometimes find it easy to save, and you will develop habits that will help you save without even thinking about it.

1. Schedule “no expense” days in your week.

See if you can spend a whole day without spending. Bring your own meal to work, skip coffee and stay home at night to read or watch a TV show. You can start with one day “without spending” a week and add another one if your efforts are successful.

2. Use coupons.

You will find the value of coupons if you use them for things you would normally buy (like food or gas). When shopping, make sure you have a certain amount of money you want to save with the coupons. You will make the habit of saving when you spend.

3. Buy generic products.

Department stores often offer their own brands. Regarding food or shampoo, you should read the list of ingredients contained in the generic brand. If they look identical to the other well-known brand, you will have found a great opportunity to save without sacrificing quality.

4. Hang your clothes to dry.

You will find that the dryer is one of the most energy-consuming appliances in your home. You find your energy costs high! Hang your clothes instead of using the dryer and they will dry for free.

5. Grow your own herbs and vegetables.

Even if you can not take care of a complete garden, perhaps you could save by growing herbs or green vegetables. These plants often require little maintenance, and they grow indoors during the winter when you place them in a sunny spot near a window and water them enough.

6. Do not drink when you eat outside.

You do not want to give up all your entertainment because you save. Your evening will cost you less if, instead of ordering alcoholic drinks, you take water. Remember that alcoholic drinks or even soft drinks can cost as much as a whole bottle of wine or a box of 6 beers. If you consume your alcohol at home, your outings will cost you much less.

7. Get your entertainment from membership sites.

Here is another option for people who want to keep entertaining while saving money. Instead of going to the movies, subscribe to a streaming movie service that you will pay monthly. This will allow you to watch many movies. You can even invite friends to share with you a “night at the cinema” at little cost.

8. Buy only what you will use.

8. Buy only what you will use.

Sometimes you think about saving money by buying larger quantities. Even if you are offered two products for the price of one, you will not be spared if you do not take advantage of what you have bought in surplus. For example, buying a second liter of milk is useless if it spoils before using it.

9. Plan a possible loan.

9. Plan a possible loan.

Sometimes you have to borrow. You can try to avoid it by saving, but you will find it worth planning “in case” you should apply for a loan. Maybe a personal loan online would suit you. Easy to obtain, its approval only takes a few hours and does not require a complete credit check. If you know the procedure for personal loan online, you will find it easy to get a loan when you run out of money.

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Payday loan without employer’s certificate Sat, 03 Aug 2019 11:57:51 +0000 Continue reading "Payday loan without employer’s certificate" ]]>

Why do you need your employer? Because the banks want to see their borrowed money back. If you can’t pay the installment because you have no regular income, the bank will only lose by giving you money.

At the same time, there is a way to avoid having to present your employer’s certificate to your bank when you want to take out a payday loan. The latter answer will now be presented in more detail.

There is a reason to request a certificate from your employer

There is a reason to request a certificate from your employer

Of course, let’s not go for an important regulation: in 2019, banks are required by law to give you a loan only if you have regular income, as you borrow payday loans without any other cover. If you have a decent income, you can provide proof of employer’s certification to the bank, which then sets a credit limit. If you have a higher income, you can raise a relatively large amount relatively safely, avoiding the risk of indebtedness. Typically, financial institutions can give up to three to four times the amount of income to loan applicants.

Of course, if you think about it, you might find that borrowing without income is stupid, because your debt would just build up, and then you would end up in court. Previously, if we could put it this way, it was fashionable to borrow only a mortgage, so if you had a mortgaged property for you or a close relative, you could get a loan. This is no longer the case today, as income is being tested alongside real estate collateral.

Use the Good Finance calculator to find the best loan for you! Find the best instant loans here!

Employer certification can be avoided, but you will need income

Employer certification can be avoided, but you will need income

However, you may also have income, but for some reason you do not want to apply for an employer certificate, for example you do not want to take a big hit at your workplace. The good news: it’s hard, but there are several ways to avoid presenting your employer.

Clarify what income the bank recognizes when applying for a loan. We can distinguish two types:

Primary Income: This is your pay as an employee. However, not only this form of work exists. As an entrepreneur, the salary you pay yourself is also a primary income, and in retirement, your pension is your primary income, which the bank takes into account when assessing a loan.

Secondary or ancillary income: these are types of income that the bank cannot value on its own, but can be counted against primary income. 

This is how you justify your income if you want to take out a payday loan

This is how you justify your income if you want to take out a personal loan

So there is an opportunity for you to be credited by the bank for income that does not require your employer, ie not earning your living as an employee. However, remember that it will not work without some certification. If you do not want to prove to your employer that you have income, you have the following options:

  • As a pensioner, you can just bring your pension card (master card) to the bank or present a 3-month voucher if you are not a customer and the bank does not see on your bank statement that they are receiving your pension.
  • As an entrepreneur, you need to ask NAV for a certificate or a statement that you have no tax debts.

Are you a foreign worker? If you have a Hungarian address, you can get a loan. This requires an income certificate from your employer, which is now accepted by banks in English or German.

In addition, the bank will request a bank statement or phone or license number arriving at your home address for 3-6 months, but may also request extra certificates (for example, in the case of primary producers), if you use the loan purpose more and are justified, you can secure the repayment of the loan by involving a debtor.

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Paying interest on the card and overdraft is too expensive Mon, 29 Jul 2019 23:59:12 +0000 Continue reading "Paying interest on the card and overdraft is too expensive" ]]>

Anyone who is accustomed to paying interest on credit card or overdraft needs to rethink their choices because it is paying dearly. It is that both the credit card and the special check have the highest interest in the market.

Next, Credit Lender clarifies why credit cards and overdrafts are not the best alternatives, how to get rid of debts and the best option for those who are in need of money.


Credit Card: Why Not The Best Alternative?

Credit Card: Why Not The Best Alternative?

Interest on the revolving credit continues to rise in 2018. According to the Central Bank, with the increase, for the third consecutive month, the average interest rate reached 243.3% per year in February.

The revolving credit works as an outstanding debt financing, ie it is as if the bank or card manager lent you more money. And of course, this emergency loan comes out too expensive for the client.


In an attempt to reduce consumer delinquency rates since April 2017, new credit card rules have come into force .

In summary, when the customer makes the minimum payment or the amount between minimum or total, the bank is obliged to offer, in the invoice of the following month, an option to install the credit card debt. In installments, interest is also charged – and they are expensive!

Paying minimum or installment credit cards are expensive alternatives for anyone who is facing financial problems. If you have paid the minimum, see how to get rid of debt from the revolving credit .

Now, if you have not yet paid the bill and are in doubt about which option to choose, know that a personal loan can help you not only pay off your credit card debt also balance your budget. Compare credit card interest and personal loan !

Special check: why not the best alternative?

Special check: why not the best alternative?

Those who use the overdraft often see the bank’s money as being complementary to the income, which is far from true.

The Central Bank disclosed the average rate of the overdraft in February 2018: 324.1% per annum. The Brazilian Federation of Banks announced in March that it is studying possible overdraft changes in 2018, in order to reduce the cost of high interest rates charged to account holders. However, no changes have been made so far.

It is important to say that the overdraft is an optional service offered to the account holder, that is, it can be canceled.

If you are using overdraft and do not know how to get rid of debt, read our tips on how to get out of the overdraft .

Try to get rid of debt overdraft as soon as possible, not to continue paying interest and losing money.

Beware: when checking the bank statement, the total balance may appear as follows: available balance in your account + limit of the overdraft.

Whenever you check your current account balance, consider only the available balance in your checking account, excluding the overdraft limit.

If you are in need of money, prefer a cheaper credit line than the overdraft, such as personal loan .

You can also avail the money to pay off the bank debt, if any, and thus get a positive balance in your bank account.


Stop Paying High Interest: Know the Advantages of Personal Loan

Stop Paying High Interest: Know the Advantages of Personal Loan

  • Modality of credit with interest less than the credit card and overdraft;
  • Fast and online hiring: ask for your personal loan now !
  • You do not need to justify the reason for your personal loan application : you can use the money for any purpose, such as repaying debts or traveling .
  • Choose the ideal due date, according to your personal budget;
  • Installment in the right measure: you choose the amount of ideal parcels and value, which do not weigh in your pocket;
  • Possibility of discounts on the anticipation of installments of your personal loan.

Enough to pay abusive interest! Increase your chances of finding a cheaper loan here at Credit Lender: With just a single registration, your profile is evaluated by our partners and you have more chances to find the perfect personal loan for your profile, the one that most meets to their needs.

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Should you transfer the credit card balance? Mon, 22 Jul 2019 20:37:33 +0000 Continue reading "Should you transfer the credit card balance?" ]]> Yes, benevolent Uncle Sam grants taxpayers’ money as pacifiers for children, but, I have news, the average Joe or Maria cannot qualify. It is true that the government gives away billions in concession money, but I have not yet heard of an average citizen Bailout Bad Credit Fund. You have?

When you talk to your lender about your financial difficulties and ask for help, they refer to a non-profit company (those are debt consolidation companies, disguised as a lamb). Non-profit sounds very noble. You go for it and put your life in their hands. They offer financial education, debt counseling and debt management. You have heard everything, but hope for something extraordinary.

Cheap loans are legitimate and certainly affordable if they have low interest rates

Cheap loans are legitimate and certainly affordable if they have low interest rates

You don’t have to worry about paying half as much of your salary when you get loans that are cheap. The low interest rates of these cheap loans allow you to save some of your earnings for yourself as you pay for a home you can own on a monthly or quarterly basis.

Reduce unnecessary expenses

Reduce unnecessary expenses

Don’t waste time eradicating unwanted expenses during marriage. It is such an occasion where you might be tempted to run wild for money. But then it is only your intelligence that makes you choose the most necessary accommodation, reducing the extra expense.

Even better – the report ends with an exclusive invitation to work directly with Alon on a project he took on. It shows in detail how you can work with Alon (and with the incredibly talented and successful team of marketing experts he has assembled to assist with the project) without loading it directly for all the help.

“After all, there is a good chance you and I have not made millions or even hundreds of thousands flipping real estate, making home loans to people who had no business buying houses or cashing in our gold mega-buck parachutes as CEO himself failed. financial institutions that have helped create the situation we are in now.

But the problem is that there are very few companies that offer houses or apartments for rent with bad credit and that even after the application of a series of terms and conditions. Their first and foremost requirement is that you should have a stable monthly income without criminal requirements.

Different companies have different rules. Renting after an eviction is not an easy task at all. You need to be sure that on your part also what kind of apartment or house would be for you. Decide what the size of the apartment is after crossing your budget.

For cheap personal loans in the UK

personal loan

You need to offer any of your assets as collateral to secure the loan amount. It can be your home, real estate, car or other valuable assets. Any deferral in repayment of the loan amount will give your lender all the right to take over your assets. So, you need to be very careful with the repayment plan of cheap UK personal loans.

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Borrowing money without BKR testing is possible Wed, 10 Jul 2019 21:26:26 +0000 Continue reading "Borrowing money without BKR testing is possible" ]]> The BKR in Tiel checks whether candidates for a loan are creditworthy and whether or not they are on a blacklist of defaulters. This procedure was established on the one hand to protect the lenders, but on the other hand to protect those who take out a loan from borrowing amounts that cannot be repaid in arrears, thereby increasing the debt mountain. That is why we look briefly in this article why you would like to borrow money without a BKR test.

Borrowing money without BKR testing is possible for a mini loan

Borrowing money without BKR testing is possible for a mini loan

The smaller the amount, the smaller the risk you take when taking out an online loan. This certainly applies when taking out a mini loan. With this type of loan, the loan amount varies from 100 euros to 800 euros, and you can choose to repay the amount in 15, 30 or 45 days. The short term of the loans is immediately noticeable. Then, of course, it becomes clear that not only the amounts are small, but also the duration very short.

How does a mini loan work?

How does a mini loan work?

Just as with a regular loan, you also have to pay interest on a mini loan. With a short term such as 15, 30 or 45 days, it is possible that the interest is not expressed as a percentage, but that the total amount of the loan is repaid at the end of the term with a fixed amount of interest on top. This concerns interest amounts in the order of approximately 0.60 cents to approximately 15 euros. Depending on the lender’s working method, a fixed interest rate or fixed interest rate will be used that is adjusted to the loan amount (for example 2, 4, 6, 8, 10, 12 or 14 euros).

How much interest do you actually pay?

How much interest do you actually pay?

Although the actual interest amounts that you pay back when you take out a mini-loan seem to be well manageable, you may be faced with surprises when you look at interest rates. We found a fixed interest rate of 14.90% at a lender. This is high in comparison with other loans tested by BKR, but it is acceptable again when you start comparing it with actual usury rates that we found with another provider. There the interest rates ranged from 8.42% to 159.70% with the spicy detail that the interest rate peaked at the smallest amount borrowed.

As with any loan, it is therefore important that you also compare the conditions of the various providers with the mini loan! In addition, it is good to remember that many little ones make a big one because without BKR testing there is a greater temptation to take out a loan. Certainly, with the accumulation of various small amounts, you run the risk of not being able to repay the loan at the end of the journey.

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Loans online and without paperwork Mon, 01 Jul 2019 21:16:15 +0000 Continue reading "Loans online and without paperwork" ]]>

Among the winter cows that you are paying for, the cards, the boys’ school, the services that are increasing more and more, you don’t know what to invent, you are in the oven and on top of that there are a few days left until you get your salary. Do not get more trouble, I’m Bank Credit and I’m to make your life a little less complicated, say … to get you some problems off de

This month I leave you fulminated with your account at $ 0? Bank Credit banks you with an online loan and without paperwork.


I can give you an online loan of up to $ 20,000 to repay in 3 installments, it is very easy. You just have to have your CBU, your ID and your CELU at hand. In a few minutes you can have the personal loan credited to your bank account. If you want to see all the requirements click here.

To make the loan request

loan agreement

You have to go to my Bank Credit website or download my app in your cell, in a few minutes you will be able to know if you apply for the loan and how much I can lend you. Check out some of the benefits of taking out a loan online with me:

  • Whenever you pay in time and form I will continue to lend you.
  • As you pay your loans in a timely manner, the amount will increase and the cost will decrease.
  • It’s fast. If the order is made one business day before 5pm. You are credited on the day.
  • If you order from the app I can give you $ 500 more.
  • The order is totally online. You just have to have your celu, your cbu and your ID at hand.
  • If you take out a personal loan in 2 or 3 installments, as you pay the installments you will be able to continue requesting more loans month by month. If you want more information about this click here.

Do you want to know how to take out the loan?

Do you want to know how to take out the loan?

Enter Bank Credit or download my app in your cell ABC! In a few minutes you can know how much I can lend you.

It’s that simple, without paperwork or paperwork. Start to relax that I take care of the rest ?. If you have any questions, chat with me by clicking here.

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Borrow money for a horse Everything about finance Sun, 23 Jun 2019 21:25:45 +0000 Continue reading "Borrow money for a horse Everything about finance" ]]> Horse lovers have known for a long time, buying a horse is an expensive affair and there are a lot of extra costs involved. Then not only the purchase is expensive, but also maintenance and storage are going well. Therefore, if you want to borrow money for a horse, you must include all such fixed costs in your calculation.

But what exactly do you want to borrow? For this, we need to list the expected costs so that you get a good overview of the overall picture. But of course we start with the purchase of the horse itself.

What does a horse cost?

You would hardly believe it, but the cost of purchasing a horse is on average between € 2000 and € 20000, although it should be noted that it can be a lot more expensive. But because this even goes beyond the reach of a money loan, we will not include this in the calculations.

Borrow money for a horse

Which credit you can best take for this purchase is clearly a personal loan. This form of credit is specifically for doing a large expense in one go. You pay a fixed amount per month for a set period (usually 5 years). The interest is set in advance and no longer changes during the entire term.

However, it may be wise to request a slightly higher amount than what you think the costs may be. If you are confronted with a setback, you can still compensate for the remainder of the personal loan. At the time of writing, the interest rate is on the low side of around 4.7%. You may pay a different percentage when requesting a quote.

Calculate how much you can borrow


There is a handy calculation tool that can help you on your way when you want to buy a horse. All you have to do is go through a number of steps where information is requested about the amount to be borrowed. First you indicate what amount you have in mind, then what you will use it for (other).

Then ask about your personal situation (married, not married, etc.), of course information about your income and living situation. At the end of the questionnaire you will see an amount that you could responsibly borrow. Now you can also immediately choose to request a free quote. You can find this calculation tool at ‘how much can I borrow’.

Other calculation aids

But there are of course other methods on the internet to see if you are eligible for a loan. For example, you have a Gbank tool where you can calculate whether it is actually a good idea to take out a loan. This calculation tool also works very pleasantly and is definitely recommended.

Borrow money without credit


When applying for a loan for the purchase of a horse, a credit check is always made at the bkr in Tiel in the case of a personal loan. So keep this in mind that this will happen. If you are not eligible because you have an unpleasant credit history, you can still opt to borrow a small amount through a mini loan.

However, this only goes up to € 1500, – and whether this is sufficient for the purchase of your steed is best judged by yourself.

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How to earn extra money? Sat, 15 Jun 2019 00:43:19 +0000 Continue reading "How to earn extra money?" ]]> For you who have a regular job, but still want to have some extra income from outside-the-work activities, what is the best solution for earning extra money? Complementing income may seem like a challenge, but there are very easy ways to have extra income every month. Whether it is to save, to buy something, to pay debt, to have more income at the end of the month is always good. Want to know how to earn extra money? Check out the 5 easy ways in today’s post!

Draw prints

Are your design talents being where you work? How about selling your prints in virtual t-shirts stores? Showcase Pix allows you not only to produce the prints for your own shirts, but also to set up your online t-shirt shop. The sales and production process is all yours, as you put your creativity to work. Then just spread your work around and reap the results of the sale!

Disclose products on your site

If you have a website or blog with a good average of hits per day, how about capitalizing on that? Your website can be a good platform for product promotion. To do so, sign up for sites like Lomadee and post product links that have to do with the products on your site. It’s easier and more profitable than you think!

Rent your house on Airbnb when you are on vacation

Rent your house on Airbnb when you are on vacation

Do you already know Airbnb ? In addition to being a great and inexpensive way to travel, this is also a collaborative platform that allows anyone to offer their home, apartment and even bedrooms for seasonal rentals, as well as dictate the prices of the environment they want to rent and the conditions .

Be a Uber driver to raise extra money

Be a Uber driver to raise extra money

With more and more supporters in Brazil, the services provided by Uber serves an audience tired of the high prices of taxis, the poor quality of its services and the lack of practicality of its hiring. To register as a driver of Uber, just access this site . You will use your own vehicle, have a cell phone to service requests, and make your own times. It’s that easy!

Sell ​​some of their culinary specialties

You know that Indian cake that you only know how to prepare? Or those cookies, pot roast, brownie and other treats? Why not capitalize on this talent? Many people use their spare time over the weekend to cook these and other specialties and, over the course of the week, sell among co-workers, family, and friends. This can be exactly the income you were looking for, doing something you like and that you have already had approval from the people close to you!


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