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Fam-Lyoan is a company specializing in family credit, offering payday loans for over ten years throughout the Italian territory up to 50000 euros. The flexibility of our loans provides an amortization plan of up to 120 months, so you can easily repay your monthly installments, without having too much commitment. To request now a consultation and / or a free quote and without obligation of our best payday loans, just fill out the form below with some personal data: Click here and fill out the contact form now, entrust our experts!

Get a bad credit payday loan online with us

With bad credit payday loans online we talk about loans to private individuals, given by banks and/or financial institutions and the amount must be returned by a fixed date- you could try these out. Fast payday loans are financing without destination obligation, which means that the liquidity that is obtained by the applicant can be used in any way, without particular specifications, unlike the finalized loans. For payday loans it is usually a question of returning the sum of money received with a monthly payment, which is taken directly from the current account and a constant interest rate for the entire duration of the loan. It is therefore a ” consumer credit ” when it comes to amounts up to 75000 euros. When we talk about payday loans, we don’t need special guarantees like real estate. With personal financing, you need to pay attention to TANs and APR, always to be checked.

Payday loans: Who can apply for them?

Payday loans: Who can apply for them?

For payday loans, each credit institution adopts specific evaluation criteria that can be given by general directives and rules that are set by the Bank in Italy. There are payday loans for private employees, payday loans for state employees, payday loans for pensioners which start at a minimum age of 18 and up to a maximum age of 75 at the end of the loan. payday loans can be requested by those who have the ability to repay the credit, or employees who will have to provide the related pay slips to prove their income, to self-employed persons who will have to provide income tax returns and to pensioners with their pension slips. Instant payday loans are normally granted to those who have a clean credit history, therefore without any reports or protests. In order to obtain personal financing, it is necessary to have a good credit reputation and a reliable ability to repay.

Payday loans: Why are they rejected?

Payday loans are usually rejected if you are a bad payer, then reported in CRIF, Experian and CTC and / or protested. They can be rejected because the banks consider the repayment capacity insufficient, also considering that the banks have the possibility to consult the central risk office of the Bank in Italy. Therefore some reasons for which payday loans are rejected are for example the delay of some installments or previous unsold loans, having requested a credit for too little time or on the contrary having never turned to a debt, having too many commitments in progress that exceed 1/3 of the applicant’s income or having signed a guarantor to a loan in which the applicant pays badly the installments. When a refusal occurs, there must also be a motivation, which can also refer to the negative information received from the different databases.

Payday loans: What to do if a bad payer?

Fam-Lyoan has solutions and forms of bad payday loans and even payday loans to protested. They are loans, however, reserved only for permanent employees of a public, state or private company (srl, spa, cooperative) or pensioners with a minimum income of 600 euros. We offer this form of payday loans up to a maximum of 30000 euros and with the possibility of repaying the credit in 120 months, or 10 years, with monthly installments chosen by you. Timeliness, transparency and flexibility are the cornerstones of the payday loans proposed by Fam-Lyoan. Requesting payday loans through our website allows you to get a free, detailed and non-binding quote from your PC or smartpone through this link: Click here and fill out the contact form now, entrust our experts! To protect the customer, the request will not be forwarded to the credit data banks. In this way, if we do not meet your expectations, you will be free to contact another credit institution.

Unpaid payday loans, what happens?

Unpaid payday loans What happens?

When payday loans are not paid, initially you start by applying a default on interest, this means that the interest will increase and the debt to be paid will be greater. Will start then subsequently reporting in different databases CRIF, Experian and CTC which you can see by all the banks, then this means having very few opportunities if not null to get another credit. If you continue not to pay payday loans, a forced debt recovery will be initiated, obviously under the responsibility of legal figures who will initiate an attachment on the payroll or pension and if you do not have a demonstrable income, the assets will be seized or tangible assets such as furniture and buildings. All these foreclosure actions can obviously also be applied to any guarantor, who signs the contract with full and equal responsibility of the applicant. Reports within the databases are 12 months for those who delay one or two installments, 24 months for those who delay more than two and 36 months for those who do not pay the loans, obviously the duration starts from the dates of the installments or loans repaid.

Payday loans: Do you need a guarantor and what documents do you need?

For payday loans the figure of the guarantor may be required if the applicant already has several monthly commitments and the income received is not considered sufficient as a single guarantee, but it is not necessary. A guarantor may be required even if this figure has often appeared in the previous loans, obviously the guarantor must have a demonstrable income. The documents to be presented at the time of the request are: pay slips and cud if employees, tax returns if self-employed, payslips and cud if retired, always accompanied by identity documents and equal documentation for the figure of the guarantor. Obviously the higher the required liquidity, the easier it will be for you to be asked for a second signature. It should be noted that the guarantor signing, has full responsibility equal to that of the applicant.

Payday loans: Is it possible to pay off the loan early?

You can pay off payday loans upfront compared to the contract term, either partially or totally. In this case you will have to reimburse the creditor the outstanding outstanding capital and the interest accrued at the time of settlement. However, if you decide to pay off the loans early, you will have a compensation penalty which corresponds to 1% of the amount repaid early if it is longer than one year, but if it is equal to or less than one year it will be a 0.5% compensation. However, the compensation cannot exceed the amount of the interest.

Payday loans: Some tips

Payday loans: Some tips

  1. Always compare the lowest rate payday loans by looking for the different banks and financial institutions, thus having more vision and choosing the best payday loans rate.
  2. It is advisable to activate a “ credit protection insurance ” insurance policy that can protect the applicant of the loan and the whole family in case of negative events such as: total permanent disability, death, total temporary disability, hospitalization, serious illness and / or loss of work.
  3. When possible, perhaps for large amounts and if you already have monthly commitments, look for a guarantor who has a demonstrable income and is willing to sign to help you.
  4. Before proceeding with the financing request, always ask for a quote that must be free and without obligation, to allow you to check the interest rates and the net you would receive if you accepted.

To compare our offers and find out about our types of financing, such as home renovation payday loans and many others, fill out this form now: Click here and fill out the contact form now, entrust our experts!

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