Tanzania: Competing tenders with a realistic price offer, entrepreneurs say

LOCAL contractors were urged to be realistic when submitting tender documents, as some of them offered lower than actual costs for project implementation as a way to win tenders. ‘offers.

As a result, they fail to complete the project and abandon the sites.

The Chairman of the Entrepreneur Registration Board (CRB), Eng Consolata Ngimbwa, revealed this yesterday in the Morogoro region during the opening of a three-day training on pre-contractual practices for local entrepreneurs.

She said that some contractors bid with low prices as a technique to convince the tender committee to award them a project, but after winning experiments, they showed that most of them failed. to complete the project and abandon the sites.

“Please be realistic. Don’t bid with low prices just because you want to win a tender, I’m sure you all remember before that we were in a very difficult time when the government went. decided to use the force account, now the government has started giving out tenders to local contractors, so make sure you implement projects with standards and finish them on time, ”she said advised.

Eng Ngimbwa further reminded local entrepreneurs to go for Joint Ventures (JVs) especially in large projects and if they don’t know how to do it, they had better seek advice from CRB.

“Most of you have tried the JV projects but many failed, I don’t know the reason but maybe you made some contracts that you didn’t know how to implement them. But we (CRB) always encourage you to take this approach because that is where you will get the ability to implement big projects, ”he said.

She also insisted that they form a single strong association of entrepreneurs who will have a strong voice to represent them in various platforms and bring their issues to the government.

Eng Ngimbwa said that all professionals like engineers, quantity surveyors, architects and even bodaboda riders have a strong association that presents their issues to the responsible authorities, wondering why it was difficult for the contractors.

“We have talked about bringing in a strong association every time we meet, but I don’t know where we have failed. So, I think now is the time to make a decision and have a strong association for local entrepreneurs, ”she said.

“When the government decided to implement its projects using the force account, most of the local entrepreneurs were in bad financial shape, I thought it was a good time for us to sit down together and form a strong association to represent us, ”she said.

CRB training coordinator Architecture Neema Fuime said regular board training aims to equip local entrepreneurs with sufficient knowledge and skills on how to complete tender documents.

She said there were numerous complaints from tender providers that the majority of local contractors did not properly fill out tender documents.

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